Rao Smart Coaching

Rao Smart Coaching mainly tutors students, and others, to qualify in foreign education, entrance and proficiency, tests. Tests like IELTS, TOEFL etc. are mandatory in most English speaking countries. Securing qualifying grades in these tests are essential to obtaining admissions in institutes abroad and it plays a major role in most cases to secure a visa. We train students to ensure that their English speaking and language abilities are well honed. At our centres across Ahmedabad, students are also coached in French and English. They are educated about social conduct and soft skills in the comfortable environment of the Rao Smart Coaching institutes to make learning a smoother experience. Enrolling more than 2,000 students per year, we train the highest number of students for foreign going competitive exams in western India.

Coaching subjects

Rao Smart Coaching prepares students for tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT, French and Intensive English. The students are given an English exam before their enrolment in any course. This provides us an idea with the language abilities of our students. We have, over time, established a reputation of providing quality training for foreign entrance exams and are dedicated to delivering results for all our students. More than 80% of our students get the desired score in their first attempt.

The study material is developed at our centres by our experienced faculties, with an extensive research on the syllabus, to be used for exams.

English support course

English has always been an Achilles heel for students in this region. Rao Smart Coaching provides a free bridge course, Basic English Grammar, to all the students who enrol for the above courses. The foundation of a strong grasp on the language lies in a strong grasp on its grammar. We also provide students the Intensive English Program which is an English coaching program, with the help of many creative activities and games, where the students get to apply their knowledge in everyday situations. We ensure that the foundations of the language are clear in the mind of the student before the course commences.

Commitment beyond classroom

Over and above providing course related help, we also ensure that the students acquire abilities of thinking on their feet, ideating, creating and innovating, beyond their usual skill set. To maintain the level of discipline and learning achieved during the classroom an annual library membership card among other services are extended to the students. The professional yet friendly faculty understands the behaviour of the students and also prepares them apart from just the syllabus.

Established expertise

We always teach in small batches as it gives personal attention to every student. The lectures are delivered by expert faculties in well-equipped classrooms and the students are given with options of flexible batch timings. They are provided with exhaustive reference material and weekly tests of all modules in actual test environment helps them in getting a stronger hold on the subject.High-quality computerised audio systems and Special edutainment events to improve confidence, vocabulary, communication skills results in growth of their overall personality. At Rao Smart Coaching, our focus is to provide quality education to students who understand the value of it and utilise it a stepping stone for their career abroad.

Achievements and accreditations

  • RAO SMART COACHING has been awarded as Best Business Partner 2014 – West India on 28th January ‘2015, by IDP: IELTS test centres –India.
  • RAO SMART COACHING™ has been awarded as “West Gold Member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme” by the British Council on 26th September, 2014, at Hyatt Regency, Ahmedabad.
  • RAO SMART COACHING™ has been awarded as ‘GOLD Member’ of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme for the year 2012/13 in Ahmedabad, on 3rd October 2013, by British Council – India
  • Follows ISO standards.
  • A British Council registered representative.
  • Presented the ‘Top Business Partner 2013 – West’ award on 6th Feb’ 2014, by IDP: IELTS Test Centers – India.
  • Presented the ‘Top Regional Business Partner’ award for excellent performance as a Business Partner for the year 2012 in Ahmedabad, on 27th December 2012, by IDP: IELTS Test Centers – India.
  • Presented an award for excellent performance as a Business Partner for the year 2011 in Ahmedabad, on 20th December 2011, by IDP: IELTS Test Centers – India.
  • Recognized for their missionary zeal in spreading of International English Qualifications for the year 2010 in Delhi, awarded by IDP: IELTS Test Centers – India.