Rao Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

We provide guidance on worldwide immigration and re-settlement solutions to our clients. We have helped our clients settle in their dream destinations like Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Rao Consultants is built on a heritage of delivering quality thanks to their understanding of industry information, world-class infrastructure and complete updated guidance on settlement services. With a decade experience, we have achieved an excellent conversion rate in both, immigrant and non-immigrant visas. We have also tried to sort out many complicated cases and have been successful at in doing so. We believe in standing by our clients throughout the process of application and documentation. We provide all visa related services at our office, so our clients have to face no hassle before and after, getting the visa. We provide assistance to them through air-ticketing, health and travel insurance, foreign exchange through Rao Forex, and post-landing services to ensure a smooth transition for our applicants.

Visa application and documentation

Students, professionals and corporates skilled worker visas often have to contend with strict immigration laws and quotas, usually enforced in developed nations. This makes the act of securing a visa ever more difficult. We take care of all types of visas like, business visa, visitor visa, immigration, permanent residency, petition files and other visas. Our experience of over ten years coupled with an in-depth knowledge of existing laws and procedures is the key for us getting successful visas for more than 3,000 of our clients.

With our reputation in the city, people wishing to go abroad, always visit our office at least once to consult with the team. Our knowledge and analysing abilities help us deliver results as desired. Our applicants are happy recipients of some of the most coveted destinations in the world.

Meticulous attention to detail in the making of the visa application file is something that makes sure our success rate stays high. A successful conversion rate of 99% for immigration and non-immigration visas, our records speaks for us. Students applying for foreign universities through Rao Overseas Consultancy Private Limited are carefully trained and vetted for their visa interview. We brief them about the questions they could be possibly asked at their interviews and train them accordingly with the help of mock interviews. Our applicants, thus, are confident, and more likely to secure a visa.

Air ticketing

Intimate and long-standing knowledge of air-routes and tariffs to destination countries allows us to advice our clients on the best airlines and time to book their tickets. We provide ticket booking assistance as well so that our clients don’t waste precious time. Baggage allowance and air tariffs are complicated affairs for a lay individual to handle. Within minutes of the visa getting confirmed, we send the client a list of airlines with discount fare and baggage allowance. We suggest airlines depending on the need and specifications of the client. For instance, someone migrating abroad would be keen on maximum baggage allowance, as compared to a student going abroad for a summer programme.

Travel and health insurance

It has become a necessity for anyone travelling abroad to have well thought out travel and health insurance. We have on our roster known, registered insurance agents. We take care that the insurance agents we refer our clients to, are ethical, efficient and trustworthy.

Airport pick-up

Landing in a new country for the first time can be daunting. We provide airport pick-up on request. A chauffer is booked and holds a name card of the client at the arrival terminal and then drives him or her to their place of stay.


Moving away from home to a foreign land is a big step, not many are equipped to find a place to live in such situations. We have a wide range of accommodation in almost every city our clients fly to. We and our associates, offer sharing based rooms, private rooms and private apartments for short, as well as long stay. Institutes also provide accommodation in campus or off-campus.

Job assistance

We provide our applicants with useful tips on finding jobs overseas as well as help them in making professional CVs. We also furnish them with references and contacts to job agencies abroad


  • Tie-ups with reputed corporates.
  • Our CEO, Mrs. Urmila Rao, has won many awards like ‘Indira Gandhi Seva Ratna’ and ‘Mother Teresa Seva Ratna’ award for her many achievements and contribution towards society.