Maintaining social balances

We follow an equal opportunity policy for all our positions We provide a safe working environment and follow all necessary safety guidelines. We endow our employees with a culture that reward loyalty and initiative and encourage employee training and retention We take the growth of our employees seriously and train them to grow with the company We aim to harmoniously coexist with our neighbours, co-operating and supporting initiatives dealing with crime, pollution and employee growth

Paying the dues

We believe that economic growth and stability can occur without adverse social and environmental effects We strongly believe in ethical practices and conduct our business accordingly, expecting the same from our clients and employees We are prompt in our payments to vendors and employees, and are up-to-date with the latest tax norms and follow them unfailingly

Addressing environmental concerns

We take a keen interest in lowering our carbon footprint:

  • By using CFL lamps
  • Minimizing the use of paper by encouraging email communication
  • Minimizing waste and recycling where possible
  • Efficient packaging
  • Using FSC standard papers for printing needs
  • We are committed towards following all environmental guidelines of the clients and countries we work with.
  • These standards and regulations are communicated to all employees at induction and reminded of when necessary.