Our Profile

The beginning

The success of the Rao Group can best be encapsulated in three words, vision, dedication and good-fortune. As with most beginnings, it started with a vision, a vision to help students extend their academic horizons beyond their home shores. The dedication to fulfil this vision was provided by the Group CEO, Mrs. Urmila Rao.

She firmly believes that hard work and perseverance can overcome any obstacle and it was this spirit of tireless effort she infused into the functioning of the Rao Group. The group was fortunate enough to be based out of Gujarat, a state that sends the most number of students abroad in the country.

Her humble background and the subsequent struggle notwithstanding, Mrs. Urmila Rao made sure she got a higher education. Her work with the Lalbhai Group came as the final push for her to begin this journey. There, she got an opportunity to interact with scholars, from across the world, who came to pursue their doctoral and post-doctoral research. The opportunity to work alongside them showed her clearly the problems, faced by scholars and younger students in going abroad to pursue higher studies, or, to explore a better work environment. This cemented her resolve to continue her work with education. It was then that she made a decision that changed the lives of so many people, including hers, forever.

She decided to assist students in realising their dream of going abroad easier. She shared this idea with her family, and it finally came to life in 2002. Her son, Mr. Amit Rao, returned after completing his foreign education from the UK, took to the idea with great zeal. Now, 12 years later, it can be safely said that the rest is history.

During initial stages, an office was set up at the Rao residence itself. Singular dedication and untiring effort by the Raos, and the people they worked with, propelled the group from a fledgling enterprise into a force to be reckoned with. Today the group is situated in Ahmedabad, one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the commercial hub of Gujarat. The presence of the Rao group has, since its inception, spread in all the continents and has a clientele of upwards of 1,00,000.

With most of the communication around the globe happening over the internet, the success of the Rao Group is nothing short of exemplary. Mrs. Urmila Rao says, “When we started our goal was to bring the world of foreign education within the reach of students in Gujarat. Today, we represent some of the prestigious foreign educational institutions and countries. We have the maximum foreign education and visa related services, all under one roof.”

About us

Based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the Rao Group of Companies, it is spread across the city with its head office in the prime Gujarat University area. It is a centre for all foreign education, visa, career consulting, and design and print services. The Rao Group is firmly established in Western India as one of the most relied upon, professional, ethical, education consultant, guiding students in choosing the most appropriate institutions and courses. We encourage them to maximise their potential, strengthen their abilities and establish a promising career. We also provide professionals with services like consultation for immigration and non-immigration visas and other auxiliary services to successfully settle abroad. Our focus is to provide quality services to our clients and we believe that we can achieve with having a strong team under the same roof.

The Rao Group has under its ambit the following companies:

Rao Overseas Consultancy Private Limited

Being an overseas education consultants’ company, its core competency is foreign education consulting for deserving students, with a host of services like counselling, university application and documentation, scholarship assistance for studying abroad, bank loan assistance and pre-departure briefings. It is an interface between the students and foreign universities.

Rao Consultants Private Limited

Dealing with all types of immigration and non-immigration visas, we assist in visa application and documentation, and also provide a variety of value added services. They include air ticketing, foreign exchange and travel and health insurance as well as post landing services like airport pick-up, accommodation and job assistance.

Rao Smart Coaching

Helping students and aspirants with intensive coaching for foreign going education and proficiency tests, this company ensures they ace IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT and languages like French and English.

hue marcom Services Private Limited

A hub of creativity with effective monetary solutions, it is one of the most efficient, 360 degree marketing communications service provider, Hue’s services are availed by colleges and universities around the world.


A designer boutique bringing the essence of couture, both Indian as well as western, with the latest designer wear and seasonal fashion trends. They offer contemporary and ethnic designs in form of apparels, accessories and footwear and also customized designs to their customers.

The team

We have worked on developing an efficient and experienced team of counsellors, visa advisors, coaching experts and marcom specialists within the organisation ever since our inception. Highly experienced in their respective fields, our team is well versed in providing effective educational consultation and visa advice. The success of the Rao Group, in a great part can be attributed to our strong, ethical and reliable team. Many of who possess first-hand knowledge of the institutions and colleges abroad. Currently a team of 100, owing to our present growth, it is expanding with leaps and bounds.


Located in an office space of 17,000 square feet, the Rao Group is headquartered in one of the prime real-estate positions in Ahmedabad, Gujarat University area and the other offices are spread across the city. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure helps make the Rao Group, the perfect incubation centre for foreign aspirants.

The network

With associates pan-Asia, all of which are located in places that send a large number of students for foreign education. Our association with foreign institutes, legal and authoritative bodies across the world spanning more than a decade stands us in good stead in the international education community.