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hue provides high-end print and design solutions, warehousing services and global distribution solutions across the globe. We have state-of-the-art technology and a printing team which uses ISO printing standards and FSC certified papers while production. We provide customised solutions to our clients, and offer suggestions on managing their costs more effectively in terms of materials used. With our global distribution system and extensive warehousing services, we ensure that we deliver the material to where the client desires.

Having worked with clients across the globe in nations like USA, Australia, Germany, Canada and many more, we understand the requirements of our clients and with our 360 degree services, provide themwith the highest quality of end-to-end solutions for their marketing communication needs.

Marcom dexterity

marcom dexterity

hue is a one stop solution for any university's marcom needs. With our pocket friendly rates and minimal investment of time for international standards of quality, we provide a creative edge to our clients’ marcom as per their compliances. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures the products getting developed are technically correct. We also provide packaging and distribution services. The client never has to worry about the tracking and delivery notifications, as at every step, they receive auto-generated emails for the same. So right from the idea of having a design, till the day it reaches the target audience, our team stands by with the clients assisting them in each step.


hue design

Through our designs and layout, we take care that the message to be conveyed by the university reaches their potential international students in a clear and attractive fashion. Our priority is to provide engaging and high quality design and content while adhering to the compliances provided by the client.


hue printing

With ISO printing standards and FSC certified paper; we make sure that our clients get the most out of their designs. We use premium quality, earth-friendly paper and ink combinations from across the globe for the best printing service, technology has to offer. A stringent pre-press analysis leaves little to no room for mistakes. Thanks to our portal, you can directly feed in the orders on our portal and avail the fastest, customized printing solutions for your marketing communication needs.


ware house

Clients can place their orders with our portal huescape, for all their printing and delivery needs around the year. Having warehousing bases across Asia, we print the material in bulk and keep it in our storage facilities to be shipped on demand, where requested. This helps in massive savings on delivery time and costs.

Also our hard packaging and international standards of warehousing ensure the material stays unblemished. Our warehousing services provide them with the option of advance printing and customised distribution facilities.



At hue, our distribution services assist our clients in eliminating the administrative burdens of processing and tracking large purchase orders, packing lists, invoice statements etc. Our highly efficient freight management team ensures that the material reaches their desired destination on time with minimal effort on their part.

We also provide our clients with multiple, personalised shipping options as per their itinerary. Consider that the client has an exhibition, he / she enters the date and time of his / her arrival along with the hotel and room number. The material will reach there a day before him / her.

The ideal marcom partner

marcom partner

Our services are used mostly by universities that need promotional material to be printed and distributed in different countries, which have a significant intake from Asia. Considering hue's expertise in catering to international education institutions, it is their perfect marcom partner.

With over a decade of experience in working with international universities, hue stands uniquely placed to provide the best marcom solutions, pan-Asia. Utilizing local resources to fulfil clients’ global needs in the most cost-effective and efficient way is what we do. We aim to provide international standards of services, which cut client costs and increase efficiency, in order to provide quality and competitive marketing communication.