Director's Note


The Rao Group of Companies is a platform which has given me and my team to prove ourselves. This has, over time, groomed us both professionally and personally. When this group started, we had a vision to be the best in the industry with our services, while adhering to our ethics. Today, a decade later, we are a proud group with many happy customers across the world.

We wish to be a path provider for every person who walks into our premises to avail our services. With our flagship company, Rao Overseas, and our marcom enterprise, hue, our aim is to take India abroad and bring the world to India.

In this era of the Internet, our attempt is to adapt to every change in the industry and be more productive with our services. Providing international standard of services to people all across the world with the help of Internet and technology is our goal. With our diverse yet similar services, we are going global to serve clients.

Keeping in mind standard operating procedures, the collective efforts of all our teams make sure that we are the first choice for everyone who wishes the services of our particular industry. Our team is given the authority to make decisions which can make the group perform and serve better.

We believe in doing more for the same customer rather than pitching for more and crowding our plate. Customer satisfaction is on top of our priority list. Our objective is to provide our clients with quality services which can help bring a change in their lives and future, it is to achieve the same that we prefer to work with all our teams under one roof.

Bringing a realistic and practical approach to our business, we always aim to present ourselves in the best ways possible. Having a well-versed communications team in all the companies, the work is always managed in best possible ways to bring out the most productive results.

This developed business is the result of our team’s untiring efforts. It is their dedication and energy that has propelled the Group’s growth. They are our biggest assets and it’s a pleasure for us to have such a great team.

Mr. Amit Rao
Group Director, Rao Group of Companies