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The world is shrinking with every passing day. Technology and human curiosity have converted the world into one grand, global village. Everything in this day and age is interconnected. Education is no exception. An international qualification enables a student with vital skill sets so as to compete effectively in today’s global market.

There is a mass movement of students and professionals happening between countries now. Recent data from the research of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs have pointed out some staggering statistics. The Indian community overseas estimated at over 25 million is spread across every major region in the world out of which approximately 5 million are students. Bringing Indian values and ethics to the world, many Indian citizens are now well-established in foreign countries. When it comes to education, Asia, here, is the key. China, India and South Korea are leading in the number of students that go to study abroad. All said and done, Asian students account for 53% of all students studying abroad.

India represents one of the biggest youth populations in the world, all of whom are looking at foreign degrees to help set them apart from the throng. This has rightly been recognised as a huge opportunity for education providers in other countries. But only a small fraction of these individuals are able to see through their dream of an international launch. There is clearly a gaping need for better interfaces between potential students in India and education providers around the world. We, the Rao Group of Companies, work as market facilitators who enable students and professionals to seek quality education and a successful career abroad. We are just a medium for people to achieve goals and all our efforts are aimed to make sure that we provide them with the right path. We are nothing but a final push for people to achieve their true destiny

Keeping this in mind, we work at improving awareness on courses, colleges, destination countries, visa formalities and immigration procedures. We also provide three sixty degree support for the above and assure strong support on foreign shores for Indian students and professionals, thereby delivering greater penetration on Indian soil for foreign institutions and organisations. We believe we are only doing our humble bit to help Indians achieve their aspirations for a quality education and empower them to play their part in shaping the world of tomorrow. Technology has made this world a truly global village. Our efforts are to reach those around the world in need of our services, providing them the top-tier quality the Rao Group of Companies has come to be known for.

Mrs. Urmila Rao
CEO, Rao Group of Companies